Alandica's interior decor.

Furniture, fabrics and decor has been chosen in collaboration with the architect to create a consensus that was partly the vision for the building. The simple and fastidious architectural style is harmonious evidents in colors, fabrics and materials.

Local designers, as well as reknown Finnish furniture manufacturers has been hired to complete the entity. The lighting in the foyer is a design by the building's architect and consists of small lamps hanging from the high ceiling, making a starry sky in the glass building.

Korpi & Gordon

The Åland-British designers Maria Korpi and Adam Gordon moved to the peace and quiet on Åland. Here they design patterns for fabrics and utensils used in both public buildings and in private homes.

The Korpi & Gordons fabric Archipelago has a sense of true achipelago with the rough edges of stones and cliffs as well as space relating to the wide sky above:

"Alandica is a modern, harmonious landmark in central Mariehamn. Through the glass walls facing waterfront small small boats can be seen leaving and landing the marina. The colors of the building itself are inspired by granite, rocks and the sea. -Colors visible in the Åland archipelago."
-Maria Korpi

"We spend each summer on Kökar, where Marias mother is born and raised. We often go by boat to Källskär and small isles close by. The building has a spacious feeling, just like sitting in a small boat in the archipelago and that's why we felt that the Archipelago pattern would suite Alandicas interior.
-Adam Korpi

The Korpi & Gordon Archipelago pattern is also printed on coffee mugs exclusively made for Alandica by Finnish design house Arabia.

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