The architecture of Alandica Culture and Congress Centre.

Alandica was designed by the Danish architects Kjaer & Richter. Their winning proposal, ”Three Islands”, was selected from 54 invited proposals in a design competition held in 1998.

Alandica sits on a gently sloping bank, following its shape organically, and opens up to the sea. It effortlessly joins in with the structure of the public buildings and comes to life by merging seamlessly with its environment. The building represents new functionalism: its design stems from purpose and practice.

Each of Alandica’s three wings, or islands, has its own, distinctive colour: dark grey, white or red. The colouring also serves to distinguish the islands from the vestibule where they meet.

The main entrance opens onto the market square and joins Alandica with the town milieu, inviting visitors to step inside.