Åland's proximity to the sea has inspired three artists in creating unique pieces exclusively for Alandica.

The art in Alandica brings the building to life and adds decorative touches. The proximity of the sea has served as a source of inspiration for all three works selected for display. The artists have made use of difference means of expression, resulting in three works of art, each using different materials and techniques.

The three artists are Keathy Ericsson-Jourdan, Rita Jokiranta and Satu Kiljunen


The very first work of art greeting Alandicas visitors, right outside the main entranceis the Swing by Satu Kiljunen. Swing's soft and wavy shapes creates a dynamic contrast to the cubic arcitchture of the building. Two aluminum plates are moulded into the shapes of two S and painted in millions of small dots in both cold and warm color palettes.

Satu Kiljunen did her art studies and later work as Professor in the fields of Artistic Research at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki. Now Satu is living on the island of Kökar in the very south-east corner of the Åland Islands. As a member and director of the experimental group Jack Helen Brut she has attended several international theater and art festivals. Satu Kiljunen achieved the 5 year annual grant from the Finnish Government both in 1995 and in 2007.


In the main auditorium the curtain and backdrop of the main stage is a photographic piece of art named Passage by Rita Jokiranta. The waves in twilight in shades of blue and black submits a sense of tranquility whilst liveliness and expectations: what will happen next? Passage associates to Åland's mid-sea position, linked through the oceans to every corner of the world.

The visual artist Rita Jokiranta is situated in both Mariehamn and in Stockholm for her work and living. Rita mainly works with photographs and video but recently also lighting is one of her media. She has several private and joint exhibits in Finland and elsewhere in Europe. In 2005 she received the Litorina Baltic Art Award and several working grants from the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland and the Arts Council of Finland.

Charta Alandica

In the bright and spacious entrance foyer You find Charta Alandica hanging from the high ceiling. The art work is created by Keathy Ericsson-Jourdan and her son Christophe Jourdan. The cubistic and iluminous globe-map places Åland in a central location. Charta Alandica reminds us of the Åland tradition of seafaring, connecting the whole world. The modern design elegantly binds past and present together.

Keathy Ericsson-Jourdan is born on Åland and now lives in Stockholm since 1961. Her textile studies at the University College of Arts, Craft and Design in Stockholm lay the base for many of her different art forms. Keathy has participated in several exhibits, received grants and her art is found in museums, public institutions and corporate offices. Her son Christophe Jourdan is a designer and brand strategist based both on Åland and in Stockholm.